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Cryopreservation of your pet's stem cells –contribution to his health and life!


It is scientifically proven that up to 99% of stem cells are depleted over time due to aging of the body.At the same time, regenerative therapy based on the adult body's own stem cells (MSCs) is an incredibly effective remedy for a variety of diseases that appear and worsen with the age of the animal. 

You can bank stem cells before your pet has health problems. The collection of adipose tissue can be carried out during planned operations, for example, such as sterilization, so when your animal needs stem cells, it will not need additional surgical intervention to collect adipose tissue.

How does this happen?

  • Your veterinarian takes a small amount of adipose tissue during local/general anesthesia, or during a planned surgical procedure (sterilization);

  • Your veterinarian sends adipose tissue to VETSTEM ® Cell Therapy for stem cell processing and isolation;

  • In the laboratory, VETSTEM ® cell biotechnology specialists isolate your pet's mesenchymal stem cells and increase their number (from 14 to 21 days);

  • Cryopreservation of 1 ampoule of your pet's mesenchymal stem cells and maintenance of their further storage for potential use in the therapy of your animal in the future.

In the future, when your pet needs stem cells, your veterinarian may prescribe their use. Next:

  • VETSTEM ® Cell Therapy specialists will produce a biomedical cell product for veterinary use;

  • Deliver a unique autologous biomedical cellular product of your animal to your veterinary specialist;

  • Your veterinarian will perform cell therapy on your pet.

Why does your animal need STEMBANK?

Cryopreservation of 1 ampoule of your animal's cells can provide it with the necessary amount of stem cells for life.

Your veterinarian can order metered doses of stem cells to treat your pet at any time. This will allow you to immediately begin the treatment process and significantly reduce its duration.

What can stem cells cure?

Currently, stem cells are successfully used in the treatment of:

  • Spinal cord (insensitivity, paresis) - REANEURIN 

  • Bones (non-accretion) - VEPROSCON;

  • Joints, ligaments, cartilage (arthritis, tendinitis) - VEKARTIS;

  • Kidney failure (nephropathy) - NEPHROVERAN;

  • Liver (toxic hepatitis, insufficiency) - HEPARAN

  • Diabetes mellitus - PANKREVERAN

  • Lymphoma, anemia and immunodeficiency - PROGEVERAN;

  • Dermatitis - REACTORIN 

  • Wounds and burns - SANIRAN;

Advantages of STEMBANK

STEMBANK - collecting your pet's cells while he is young and healthy. 

STEMBANK – one procedure to collect adipose tissue - and your animal is provided with a supply of young and strong stem cells for life.

STEMBANK is a safe and affordable way to store stem cells. 

Cryopreservation of one ampoule of stem cells in STEMBANK, is included in the cost of cell therapy with any of the autologous drugs VETSTEM ® Cell Therapy


Isolation, cultivation of cells, their storage in a cell bank, as well as further preparation of drugs may require additional costs. Please consult with your veterinarian or our specialists to assess the potential future costs of treating your animal.

VETSTEM ® will store a sample of your animal's stem cells in STEMBANK for one year free of charge. 

After one year, the cost of storing a sample in STEMBANK is 3,500 rubles per year or 19,000 rubles for life.


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